A cultural radio programme with great artists and exceptional people.


Secret stories of rare treasures.



During my journalistic carrier on many occasions I found myself in a circle of artists, creative people, great personalities; witnessed many fantastic talks, hilarious stories, anecdotes, rare conversations, and although we might ended up by the end of the evening with a couple of social media pictures, the conversations disappeared with no trace.

During our research it became evident that we are in a fast visual consummation in social media, yet there is a serious demand for quality products, programmes whether they are visual, audio or online. Flipping through hundreds of posts on a daily basis is neither entertaining nor satisfying; it is simply an addictive routine.

The idea of a radio programme came naturally. I had a great urge to find artists in their personal environments, homes, studios, and record unprecedented, unrepeatable moments rather than set up a formal studio recording with them.

The idea of THE PUBLISHERS was born.




The PUBLISHERS is an online radio programme, a talk show, covering contemporary art and culture.


Radio as You Have Never Heard Art Before


The audio recordings are based on a series of unique interviews of exceptional people in their intimate home and studio settings; the location is always a place of personal significance. It is a fresh, new angle with an unorthodox editing of personal talks and soundscapes.

The programme is guided by a host with two celebrity guests who share their thoughts and visions on given topics such as creativity, art, lifestyle and inspiration. Great truths are revealed through anecdotes and personal stories to celebrate the creative mind,  life-achievements and friendships.

In addition, short films as “video-portraits” of guests are produced with a photographic footage, to enrich the designated website, and give an option to the visitors to “listen” or ”watch” the radio programme



Secret Stories of Rare Treasures.


The tone is conversational, intimate, inquisitive and deliberately bohemian in character.


  • the episodes start with a significant and tailored audio-mix / layers of movie excerpts / immediately recognizable as the programme's signature style


  • the duration of each episode is 30 minutes


  • the sponsored ads by the unique media partner are discreetly placed throughout the programme

Marie-Laure de Noailles, Tim Walker, Aurélie Scouarnec / Photo © Courtesy of ZOLTAN+



The recordings are based on conversations developed and guided by the host and between two well-known guests coming from different professional, artistic and creative backgrounds.

The shows are based on specific topics and fill the gap between the artist’s personal and creative output, achievements and their biographical data. The in-depth personality based conversations supply the need to create permanent audio archives as “sound-portraits”.

The aim is to explore the essence of the artists, what makes them tick, what inspires them in life and in their work.



Art, culture, photography, design, architecture, fashion, music, theatre, dance, movies, advertising, travel, gastronomy, lifestyle and many other creative and social



Cultural events including major art exhibitions such as Freeze London, Frieze Masters, Pad London & Paris, FIAC, ParisPhoto, PhotoLondon, Frieze LA, Art Basel, Miami Art Basel, Venice Biennale, 1:54 Art fair London & Marrakesh, ArtParis, Tate Modern & Tate Britain, Fondation Louis Vuitton, V&A, Gagosian, Thaddaeus Ropac London & Paris, BAFTA …



Current affairs, social media, environmental, economical, gender and racial issues, revealing female power, female artists in contemporary art, urging issues of life


/ Tilda Swinton (actress) talking to Tim Walker (fashion photographer) and Tim Marlow (art director of the Royal Academy of Arts), hosted by founder Zoltan Alexander

/ the recording is set at Tim Walker’s house, talking and cooking all together

/ the topics are related to current films, photo-sessions, exhibitions, juxtaposition them and exam their roles in life – being interactive, innovative and amusing

/ videos of the guests are shot prior to the audio recording - no filming allowed during the talks to keep the intimacy and privacy of the guests

With Tilda Swinton, Haider Ackermann, Farida Khelfa, Lou Doillon and Ben Gorham at the Festival d' Hyères 

Photo © Courtesy of ZOLTAN+



The audio & video recordings of The PUBLISHERS will use the extraordinary power and communication of the Internet and social media.



The sound & video recordings will be uploaded on the designated website of                 THE PUBLISHERS, simultaneously reposted on the media partner’s website and eventually destined for the BBC Radio 4 or similar cultural radio stations.



The hosting website will avoid the cliché “podcast” style; the sound & video recordings will be grouped with textual and visual media references making the website an info-rich, interactive magazine, giving the option to the visitors to “watch” or “listen” to the programme.



The hosting website will comprise:

  • the audio recordings with a time-line and a list of the invited guests

  • the “video-portraits” of individual guests, in 4K quality, serving as a trailer

  • a short biography of the guests

  • photographic references of guests’ current projects

  • a list of back episodes

  • an introduction to the media partner

The website will measure the online traffic and the number of followers, visitors can subscribe, comment, and will be informed by scheduled periodical newsletters.





Detailed budgeting is available upon interest.



  • 9 out of 10 women like it


  • 10 out of 10 men want to be in it


  • The programmes will most appeal to the 25-to-50 ABC1 demographic and will above all, encapsulate artists, cultural and creative fields


  • The audience survey of the radio programme will be fact-based contra speculative, using professional Apps and services such as BBC related RAJAR, joint audience research, measuring the target audience. 

Shanghai” series by Erwin Olaf at Galerie Magda Danysz / Andy Warhol and Jay Johnson with Candy Darling by Richard Avedon at Gagosian Gallery / Photo © Courtesy of ZOLTAN+


Zoltan Alexander / art director, journalist, founder of THE PUBLISHERS


Having spent over 15 years in Paris working with fashion and luxury brands, publications, in 2015 he moved his company back to London.

Currently he is the Art Editor of ArtLYST covering contemporary art exhibitions between London and Paris and works as an independent Art Director in advertising.  / latest assignment: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group – digital branding and videos.

His professional expertise is grounded in a solid knowledge of photography and contemporary art. Having graduated with MA Hons. in London, Zoltan gained recognition at British Vogue with his illustrations, subsequently at French Vogue, Comité Montaigne, LVMH, Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Issey Miyake, and in photography with Harper's Bazaar, New York.

In 2000, he turned his focus to creative direction and art direction, established his new media company ZOLTAN+ that employs a wide range of visual media with definitive contemporary style. His personal expertise is often sought out to establish new businesses, magazines, media projects to provide strong conceptual directions to brands and publications.

Currently, he is devoting his time to launch a cultural radio programme THE PUBLISHERS with a series of personality interviews, and produce “video-portraits” of British and international artists.



"Blue" portrait of artist Karl M. / directed by Zoltan Alexander / a ZOLTAN+ production London

Music "Mysteries of Macabre" by Gyorgy Ligeti with the kind participation of LSO London Symphony Orchestra and soprano Barbara Hannigan   

"She's a fan" a series with Isabelle Huppert for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Video and online communication by Zoltan Alexander for London Advertising


Undoubtedly Ruinart.

Although the champagne house is the oldest establishment producing champagne since 1729, it is also one of the first luxury brands to recognize the power of social media. They know how to use new media communication in a most effective, refined, creative and innovative way.


Some people, however, are still not familiar with the philanthropic and artistic work of the French champagne house.


Last year, Maison Ruinart’s collaboration with Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin was a shining beacon. Bolin has a chameleon-like method immersing himself in all kinds of environments, which earned him the name “The Invisible Man”. His mesmerizing, body-conscience installation “Hiding in the City” is a silent protest aiming at the Chinese government’s polices of past years since the Cultural Revolution. Disappearing was not the aim of Bolin’s work, it was a method he used to bring awareness to his message.


That statement stands strongly for our radio programme, to bring awareness to current, urging issues of life, well-wrapped in an “invisible way” in contemporary art.

In March 2019, Masion Ruinart launched their current artist, Brazilian photographer Vik Muniz at Palais Brongniart. “Shared Roots” is an ode to the creative powers of nature and mankind, a tribute to Maison Ruinart's heritage.


As “wine with bubbles” was a business gift for cloth purchasers, these episodes of audio & video recordings will be a cultural gift to a wider audience over-riding age, colour, origin and demographics. Ruinart is more than just an iconic label.




To establish a collaboration with the champagne house, to produce the first 10 episodes of THE PUBLISHERS and maintain an ongoing, cultural relationship for further episodes.

To pay special attention to Maison Ruinart's current artistic programme, media communication and produce additional features of their represented artists.

"Brooklyn Gang" by Bruce Davidson / Photo © Courtesy of ZOLTAN+


based on strong personal contacts

pairing of the guests is random



  • Julien Landais / film-director - Aspern Papers

  • Vanessa Redgrave / actress - Aspern Papers


  • Tilda Swinton / actress

  • Tim Walker / photographer


  • Treacy Emin / artist

  • Ben Cobb / director of Another Magazine - Dazed Media


  • Neneh Cherry / musician

  • Edward Enninful / director of Vogue UK


  • Annie Lennox / musician

  • Mahershala Ali / actor - Green Book


  • Eddie Redmayne / actor

  • Fabien Vallerian / Ruinart


  • Ben Whishaw / actor

  • Sam Taylor-Wood / film-director, photographer


  • Frances Morris / director of Tate Modern

  • Sarah Lucas / artist


  • Zaha Hadid / Patrik Schumacher / director of Zaha Hadid

  • Loïck Le Gaillard / director of Carpenter Workshop Gallery


  • Liu Bolin / artist

  • Mary McCartney / photographer

  • Paul Simonon / musician – The Clash

  • Dylan Jones / GQ UK


  • Jean-Pierre Blanc / director of the Festival d’Hyères

  • Isabelle Huppert / actress


  • Daniel de la Falaise / writer, chef

  • Anna Chancellor / actress


  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson / actor

  • John Maybury / film-director


  • Michele Lamy / muse

  • Adrian Joffe / Dover Street Market – Comme des Garçons


  • Katharina and Christiane Kubrick / Kubrick Foundation

  • Jill Silverman / art curator


  • Michael Nyman / musician

  • Gavin Turk / artist


  • Maggie Smith / actress

  • Kenneth Branagh / actor


  • Nick Knight / photographer

  • Jefferson Hack / director of Dazed Group


  • Matthias Pintscher / composer

  • Filippo Mineccia / countertenor


  • Prosper Assouline / director of Assouline Publishing - Maison Assouline

  • Fredrikson Stallard / artist, designer


  • Paul McCartney / musician

  • Damien Hirst / artist, director of Newport Street Gallery

  • Bianca Jagger / human rights activist

  • Amar Singh / director of Amar Gallery


  • Andrew Tuck / director of Monocle Magazine

  • Joseph Fiennes / actor


  • Ozwald Boateng  / fashion designer

  • Ayana V. Jackson / photographer


  • David Hockney / artist

  • Charles Saatchi / collector


  • Jay Joplin / director of White Cube Gallery

  • Doug Aitkin / artist


  • Dimitris Papaioannou / choreographer

  • Riccardo Tisci / Burberry


  • Alan Bennett / playwright

  • Marc Quinn / artist


  • Rose McGowan / human rights activist

  • Chris Bovill & John Allison / Chanel 4 creatives


  • Sarah Wilson / Chevalier des Arts - Courtauld Institute

  • Stephan Kalmar / ICA Gallery


  • Mario Testino / photographer

  • Trino Verkade / Sarabande – Alexander McQueen Foundation


  • Emmanuel de Brantes / journalist

  • Anish Kapoor / artist


  • Philippe and Charlotte Colbert / artists

  • Dev Patel / actor

  • Eric Pfrunder / Chanel

  • Luis Alberto Rodriguez / photographer


  • Rachel Howard / artist

  • Ruth Wilson / actress


  • Toby Kennet / writer on behalf of Lady Kennet

  • Peter York / TV-radio presenter


  • Ilse Crawford / interior designer

  • Harry & David Rich / horticulturists


  • Chris Offili / Turner-prize winning painter

  • Jane & Louise Wilson / artists


  • Sophie Okonedo / actress

  • Nathan Coley / artist


  • Ibrahim Mahama / artist

  • Thomas Bangalter / musician


  • Haroon Mirza / artist

  • Kathy Burke / actress


  • Molly Goddard / fashion designer

  • Erkki Binaco / Opèra Bastille


  • Joseph Kosuth / artist

  • David Daim / jewellery designer


  • Jérôme Puis  / Dior

  • Stephen Jones / hat designer


  • Rami Malek / actor

  • Everton Nelson / musician

Julien Landais French Film Director of "The Aspern Papers" by Henry James, getting ready for his interview / Photo © Courtesy of Julien Landais



Subject:                                  Art & Culture

Title                                        THE PUBLISHERS

Length:                                   30’ minutes

Schedule:                               weekly edition / prime time

Language:                              English spoken


Media appearances:           

  • designated website

  • media partner’s website

  • destined for the BBC Radio 4 or similar art-related radio stations

  • online, social media communication


  • 1 host + 2 celebrity guests

  • crew members


  • artists’ studios

  • characteristic places chosen with the artists

  • Maison Assouline / Piccadilly London

  • various cities in the UK

  • various art capitals in Europe and the US



Subject:                                  a video-portrait of each invited guest

Length:                                   3’ minutes

Media appearances:             integrated into the designated websites

                                               used for online communication





Zoltan Alexander




+44 7535 782055









Registered Copyright 2016 London © ZOLTAN+

© photos Courtesy of Zoltan Alexander

COVER image: Anish Kapoor